Banastre Tarleton

Banastre Tarleton Rides Again

Readers familiar with the Southern Campaign of the American Revolution will be very familiar with the name Banastre Tarleton. There is also a 21st Century musician with the same name. Back on 24 October 2004, Banastre Tarleton of Missouri indicated in the guest book of The OnLine Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies ( that he was looking for a copy of the ”oatmeal for the foxhounds” requisition letter to use in his liner notes. Named after the famous British officer, Banastre Denis Keith Green-Tarleton is a big history buff with an extensive military history library. However, in mid-west USA, Banastre is best known for his music with the release of over 20 albums and cd’s such as “The Crown Jewels” and “Pyrrhic Victories”. In addition, his music therapy project, All You Need Is Love performs for children’s hospitals, retirement centers, and women’s shelters on a regular basis. A more detailed resume is found on or When you visit either website you can tune in to discover why he has been the opening act for such varied groups as Rush, Guess Who, Twisted Sister, and Bachman Turner Overdrive. You can never tell where your research into Loyalist heritage will take you. FHH

* From the December issue of the UELAC Hamilton Branch Newsletter poster to the Publications Folder of the Branch website (