Classic hard rock ear candy for the brain.

Cryin’ Skulls

Top-notch classic rock, country, and blues.

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Dynamic Kansas City powerhouse blues and rock.

Blue 88


Oatmeal for the Foxhounds

Banastre Tarleton

Bruce Poe Band     

Blue Harvey

Central Talent Agency

A Complete, Professional Entertainment Service.

Unsurpassed musicianship and cool song list wins every time.

Earth-based acoustic guitars, foot-powered tambourines, and vocals with an edge. Everything from Johnny Cash to Green Day.

Veteran rocker takes audiences on a musical history tour from the 1960s to right now.

Versatile guitarist with a song list and band that covers all the bases.

Male and female lead singers bring rich harmonies to this classic rock/blues/80s group.



Premier top-40 alternative college rockers.

Only thing funny about this band is its name… one of the most talented quartets in the area.

Moon Dogs

Michelle Vanhoose

One Shot Crockett

High energy Janis Joplin-style rocker that always delivers the goods.

Accomplished jazz and blues singer and entertainer extraordinaire.

The Chilly Dawgs

Rocket Kirchner

Hard-working, gutsy solo artist.

Three-piece, fun-loving classic rock band. The ultimate party band and a sure crowd pleaser.

Naked Dave

Lisa Rose & Hot House

Jazz quartet featuring stylish sax.

Down-home rockin’ blues and country fusion.

The Hipnecks

Chic Lisitano

The Hipnecks combine elements of Midwest rock, blues, Texas rock, jazz, funk, and even bluegrass to conjure a sound all their own.

A variety solo performer with a killer presentation.

This is only a partial listing — if you don’t find what you’re looking for here, contact Central Talent Agency and we will help you find the perfect artist or group for your special occasion.