An Evil Revival

Sin and scorn were both forewarned.

They came from her box with other harm.

Unmarried mothers are not to blame.

Put ‘em on welfare and add a hurricane.

Your child is raped by the governor’s hand.

A hopeless tumor, the president’s land.

Seeds of hate and weeds from Cain.

Armageddon with no rain.

The end of man forever and ever.

His artery to God is suddenly severed.

Soon we’ll melt to a molten mass.

And into the future everything past.

I bring to you an evil revival.

Banastre Tarleton


NO. 5


Discography and Recording Info:

Triphammer "Early September 1970" Cassette/CD (Unreleased)

Triphammer "Retrospective" CD (Released May 2004)