Attack Iraq, Part 2

Crisis in the Gulf again.

It’s all over CNN.

Holy war hostages.

Here we go again.

There’s a madman out of control.

Does he want to rock ‘n roll?

If he uses poison gas

Bye bye – Baghdad.

Attack Iraq!

Attack Iraq!

Operation Desert Shield.

Someone’s going to have to yield.

Bank robbers in Kuwait.

It’s our way of life at stake.

Attack Iraq!

Attack Iraq!

This is Eagle Leader to Eagle’s Nest.

I have the targets in sight.

Let’s rock ‘n roll.

Man ‘o man.

There’s a line drawn in the sand.

Oil prices gone sky high.

Start your engines – it’s time.

Attack Iraq!

Attack Iraq!

Banastre Tarleton


NO. 177


Discography and Recording Info:

BTB "Attack Iraq" Cassette (Released 1990)

BTB "Alone On An Island" Cassette (Released 1992)

BTB "The Crown Jewels" Cassette/CD (Released 1995 – Reissued 2002)