Centerville, Iowa USA

Well, money is scarce and the people down and out.

The kids are giving up and goin’ down south.

Everybody’s having trouble getting through the day.

In Centerville, Iowa USA.

Another Daddy has to leave his family at home.

He’s gotta find work; he gotta hit the road.

His little girl wonders why he has to go away

From Centerville, Iowa USA.

The farmer in the field knows he’s going to go under.

The banker and the sheriff bring the lightning and thunder.

The stores uptown have all seen better days

In Centerville, Iowa USA.

Where’s it gonna end? What’s it coming down to?

Tears and violence on the front-page news.

I hear it over again and again.

Somebody loses, somebody else wins.

All across the country it’s an instant replay.

Fourth down and too many yards to make.

Our tomorrow is there today.

In Centerville, Iowa USA.

Banastre Tarleton

1986 – Revised September 1998

NO. 162


Discography and Recording Info:

O4TF "Live Soundblaster Bootleg" CD (Unreleased)