Down In The Junkyard

Well, Iím feeling boss.

Iím doing alright.

The hurtinís gone from deep inside

And Iím doing alright.

Can you see me moving?

Right along in style.

Can you feel me grooving

I think Iíll stay a little while.

Down in the junkyard.

Down in the junkyard, baby.

Iím down in the junkyard, baby.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

I donít worry no more about being poor.

I can lay back at ease.

Look at high old me.

Down in the junkyard.

It looks like Iím lost in the rubble.

But Iím as good as French champagne.

Iím walking on the rich manís bubble

While Iím floating down a poor manís drain.

Down in the junkyard.

Feeling good.

Come on, babyÖI wish you would.

Down in the junkyard.

I aint go too far.

I might say hello from a big white star.

Down in the junkyard.

Iím down in the junkyard, baby, etc.

Banastre Tarleton


NO. 55


Discography and Recording Info:

Triphammer "Archive Material" CD (Unreleased)

Triphammer "Live At Evans Scholars, March 2, 1974" Cassette/CD (Unreleased)

Triphammer "Retrospective" CD (Released May 2004)