Killer Bee

I met her one night

When I was flying high.

She turned me around

With that look of hers.

She stopped me in mid-flight.

I was stung; I really got my bells rung.

It was then I realized.

She was a killer bee.

She really put a buzz on me.

There was poison in her eyes.

I thought, huh, just another queen.

No, she was a killer bee.

They were all lying around her feet.

Wounded lovers from her tongue-in-cheek.

A fast lane slayer.

Ooh, she was a killer bee.

I barely got away.

The honey was still wet.

I took a hard fall.

But I survived her net.

She was evil – evil and sweet.

The kind you don’t want to meet – a killer bee.

She really put a buzz on me.

She was a killer bee.

Banastre Tarleton


NO. 118


Discography and Recording Info:

BTB "Live At The 101 Club, Las Animas, CO 03/19/82" Cassette/CD (Unreleased)

BT & The Characters "Live At The Uptown Theatre" Cassette (Released 1982)

BTB "Anthology 1976-1986, A Decade Of Decadence" Cassette (Released 1987)

BTB "Triple Play" Cassette/CD (Released 1998)

BTB "Live & Unplugged At KKID 96FM, March 13, 1999" Cassette/CD (Unreleased)

BTB "Feast Or Famine" CD (Released 2000)

BTB "Pyrrhic Victories" CD (Released December 2001)

BTB "Doin’ It American Style" CD (Released 2003)