Mary Jane

In my mind I know it was right.

The time I spent with you.

You brighten up my life.

You did it naturally, yeah.

Before you came along I was just a rock.

But now I roll with feelings

I am warm inside.

I can touch the ceiling.

Scene-stealer – I like your stage.

I feel for you.

I am not afraid.

Well, thank you lady for reaching through.

You really touched me.

You really tasted good.

And I miss your kiss.

I’d be there if I could.

I love you Mary Jane.

I really do…ooh.

I love you Mary Jane.

I really do.

Happenings and happiness.

It all came true.

I hope you never feel alone again.

My heart is here for you.

Banastre Tarleton


NO. 113


Discography and Recording Info:

BTB "Show Us Your Pink, 07/07/79" Cassette/CD (Unreleased)

BTB "Live At The Gladstone, 11/21/79" Cassette/CD (Unreleased)

BTB "Technisonics Session, January 2, 1980" Cassette/CD (Unreleased)

BTB "Batteries Included, March 1, 1980" Cassette/CD (Unreleased)

BTB "Good As Gold" Vinyl EP (Released 1980)

BT & The Cutthroats "Live In Concert, Convention Hall, Sedalia, MO 01/16/81" Cassette/CD (Unreleased)

BTB "BTB Rocks The Gladstone, 07/17/81" Cassette/CD (Unreleased)

BTB "Molly McGee’s, 08/08/81" Cassette/CD (Unreleased)

BT & The Characters "Live At The 101 Club, Las Animas, CO 03/19/82" Cassette/CD (Unreleased)

BTB "Collectibles 1979-1982" Cassette (Released 1982)

BTB "Anthology 1976-1986, A Decade Of Decadence" Cassette (Released 1987)

BTB "Pyrrhic Victories" CD (Released December 2001)

BTB "The Early Years" CD (Released September 2004)