Rockin’ With America

Rockin’ with America – Rollin’ with the red, white, and blue.

Feelin’ good about me, feelin’ good about you.

On top again, it’s a long time since we’ve been

Rockin’ with America.

Come on everybody get up and dance.

Say hello to another travelin’ band.

Judy, Judy, Judy Blues Eyes.

It’s gonna feel good tonight – Rockin’ With America.

Oh, oh, oh, oh…move it to the right.

Everybody’s waving the Stars & Stripes.

Just one thing I wanna say:


Banastre Tarleton


NO. 150


Discography and Recording Info;

BTB "Cruisin’" Cassette (Released 1990)

BTB "Live In Concert With Bachman-Turner Overdrive, 08/03/91" Cassette/CD (Released Cassette Only 1991)

BTB "Alone On An Island" Cassette (Released 1992)

BTB "The Crown Jewels" Cassette/CD (Released 1995 – Reissued 2002)