Send Me An Invitation

I waited all day just to be with you.

I didnít anticipate your mood.

You gave me the shoulder; hit me like a boulder.

I think Iím a little confused.

Iím fascinated by your lips and hips.

I canít quite make out your lines.

Taking you apart in my mind.

Youíre breaking me up inside my heart, my heart, etc.

Send me an invitation.

I wanna come. I wanna come.

Send me an invitation to your love.

I want your love.

Make me a reservation.

I wanna come. I wanna come.

Send me an invitation.

I stayed awake all night, all night.

Pretending you were there with me.

I came up empty Ė itís him, itís not me.

Sometimes you bum me out, out, out!

Send me an invitation, etc.

Banastre Tarleton


NO. 128


Discography and Recording Info:

BT & The Cutthroats "Live In Concert, Convention Hall, Sedalia, MO 01/16/81" Cassette/CD (Unreleased)

BTB "BTB Rocks The Gladstone, 07/17/81" Cassette/CD (Unreleased)

BTB "Simplex Sessions, July 1981" Cassette/CD (Unreleased)

BTB "Molly McGeeís, 08/08/81" Cassette/CD (Unreleased)

BTB "Send Me An Invitation" Vinyl 45 (Released 1982)

BTB "Collectibles 1979-1982" Cassette (Released 1982)

BT & The Characters "Live At The Uptown Theatre" Cassette/CD (Released Cassette 1982)

BT & The Characters "Live At The Gladstone, With Leindecker, 01/15/83" Cassette/CD (Unreleased)

BTB "Anthology 1976-1986, A Decade Of Decadence" Cassette (Released 1987)

BTB "The Enchantress" Cassette (Released 1988)

BTB "Live In Concert With Bachman-Turner Overdrive, 08/03/91" Cassette/CD (Released Cassette 1991)

BTB "Alone On An Island" Cassette (Released 1992)

BTB "Westminster" Cassette/CD (Unreleased)

BTB "The Crown Jewels" Cassette/CD (Released 1995 Ė Reissued 2002)

BTB "The Early Years" CD (Released September 2004)