The World Is An Igloo

Have a look around you.

Doesn’t it seem cold?

Everybody’s fighting

Or playing in the snow.

Six foot under

A blanket of sin.

Somebody tell me

Where it all will end.

We’re a Roman orgy.

Beelzebub’s feast.

I can hear him laughing

At man the beast.

Nobody cares about

Changing his life.

He’s rather enjoy

His brother’s wife.

Our condition is blue

So say goodbye.

The world is an igloo

And we’re all gonna die.

Do unto others

Before they do it to you.

There’s no more church now.

Just a lot of blue.

Burn your bibles

Hear me cry.

Load your rifles

C’mon die, die.

Banastre Tarleton


NO. 37


Discography and Recording Info:

Triphammer "L.A.R. Studios, May 10, 1970" Reel (Unreleased)

Triphammer "Retrospective" CD (Released May 2004)