BT Trivia

BT’s first band was called The Koxmen.
BTB’s “Electric Women” LP was originally titled “Child Support”

Pandora’s Box drummer Gayle Hase was Reba McIntire’s stage manager in the eighties.

Banastre’s favorite band is The Kinks
Banastre Tarleton turned down a tryout with the Pittsburgh Pirates in order to pursue a music career.
While in Chicago in 1979, Banastre Tarleton had all his equipment stolen by the mob.
The original title of “The Hindenburg” which appears on “Pyrrhic Victories” CD was “Death of a Blimp.

BT performs his solo keyboard show with a vintage Korg DW 8000 synth.

Foxhounds guitarist Dave McGowan toured with BTB from 1987-89.
BT’s legal name is Banastre Denis Keith Green Tarleton.
Banastre Tarleton is half Australian.
The mind-altering feedback guitar on “Ultra Rat” is played by Screamin’ Randy Beeman.
Long time BTB drummer Fil DiMaggio attended Missouri Military Academy in Mexico, MO.
The BTB member with the longest tenure is Mark Brinkerhoff who played bass from 1978-93.
Triphammer guitarist extraordinaire Dennis Kroh is one of the largest gun dealers in the world.
The Official BT Site webmaster Timothy Rowland's hometown is Show Low, Arizona.
Banastre Tarleton Band's "Eye for An Eye" reached #1 in Costa Rica in 2002.
Former BTB rhythm guitarist Gary Puff once worked for Xerox in NYC.
Arbiter Spangle aka Danny Thomas  and Fil DiMaggio both played drums in BTB and Triphammer.
"The Enchantress" was recorded in a real haunted house.
BTB's first single, "Rock 'n Roll With You" was recorded in Jan. 1976 at Golden Voice in Pekin, IL.
Triphammer played a command performance in 1972 for Missouri Attorney General John Danforth who later became a U.S. Senator and is currently U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations.
BTB was one of only seven bands to be sponsored at the national level by Coors Light in the 1990's.
The name of Banastre's semi-pro softball team was Columbia Clippers.
When he was in grade school Banastre helped his Grandfather "break" Shetland ponies.
Yes...Banastre Tarleton Band drummer Fil DiMaggio is related to baseball's "Mr. Coffee."
Banastre's preferred ride is a Cadillac - he once restored a 1972 Sedan Deville to mint condition.
Beatles fanatic and former BTB guitarist/singer Gary Luebbert and his wife recently adopted a baby from Russia.
The Green Bay Packers are Banastre's favorite NFL team.
Vice President Dan Quayle sent a thank-you letter to Banastre for his 1985 release of (We Got To) Invade Grenada.
The very first song Banastre wrote was called "Clean Dirt."
Original Triphammer guitarist James Smith-Patrick is now an attorney living in Washington, D.C.
80's BTB guitarist Gary Puff and Banastre Tarleton are both avid New York Yankee fans.
If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, then serve BT a dinner that includes cashew chicken, cheeseburgers, ravioli, baby back ribs, American fries, homegrown tomatoes, water chestnuts, avocados, garlic bread, coconut cream pie and wash it down with several bottles of Yoo-Hoo.