Banastre Tarleton

Pandora's Box

Banastre Tarleton played in several groups during his high school years including his first band The Koxmen and fraternity party favorite The Norsemen.  After graduation, he did a stint with a rowdy bunch of misfits called The Big Bad Wolf & His Pack. In 1968 he formed Pandora’s Box with drummer Gayle Hase, guitarist Deon Jones and bassist David Spencer.  The band’s repertoire featured the popular 60’s rockers and party songs of the day as well as some early Tarleton originals.  When Spencer left to attend college, Banastre took over the bass parts on his Farfisa organ and the band hit its stride as a rather unique power trio.  In the summer of 1969, Banastre disbanded Pandora’s Box to form Triphammer, which went on to legendary status as one of the Midwest ’s premier hard rock bands.  After Pandora’s Box, Gayle Hase played drums for the critically acclaimed quintet, Slaughterhouse, and had a long tenure as stage manager for Reba McIntire.  He currently owns and operates a lighting company and resides in the Nashville area.  Deon Jones recently moved back to his home town of Middletown, MO after spending most of the 80’s and 90’s playing with local bands in Springfield, MO.  During its relatively short lifespan, Pandora’s Box performed at quite a few clubs, private parties, and charity events in Central Missouri.  No recordings of the group were ever made and only a handful of photos and memorabilia have survived.