Bayonet Bouquet


My obsession with Good vs Evil. The Light vs Darkness. When I was growing up I had, and still have, a rather morbid fascination with the end of the world and how I relate some of the world’s leaders with the devil. This tune came about after I had written a new progression and took it to a meeting of the Mid Missouri Songwriters and asked them to choose a lyric from my catalog that had never been put to music. They chose “Crossfire.” I tweaked the words and music over the next few months and ended up with a pretty decent tune.

Most Of All
This is a response to my wife’s abandoning and eventually divorcing me in 2015. Besides my best friend, I lost many things that were important to me including the seven rescued animals that were the love of my life; the house I lived in for eleven years; the bird sanctuary that we had established; and the friendships that I had developed within the neighborhood. I decided not to hate or be bitter and I wanted all my friends, God, and even my ex-wife to know that I still loved all of them.

Comin’ Back to You, Babe
This song is really nothing but a catchy blues rocker that’s fun to play. It’s not an attempt to be profound or lyrically clever. I was hammering away on it one day and a fellow songwriter told me she thought it was a great tune, so, in a way, I guess she’s kinda responsible for it growing up and developing into what it has become today – a track on my new album.

Warriors Of The Way
I came up with a rift one day when I was feeling sorry for myself and frustrated with my career. I remember thinking, “Who will care about this song...what’s the point?” The answer came from the Man above and said “I will listen; play it for me.” How can a person argue with that? It’s one of my favorites. “The Way” refers to what Christianity was originally called.

Like Jeanne McGuire
I was in the bank waiting to see the bank Vice President about a loan and was watching her from across the room as she worked in her see-through-glass-enclosed office. I started wondering what it would be like to be in her world instead of mine. Over the next few months I fantasized about different things and became conscious of how some of the choices we make determine where we end up. I eventually became friends with the VP and found out that her husband had once picked me up when I was hitchhiking from Columbia to Moberly. He owned a small soda pop company and gave me a ride in his delivery truck. Crazy world, huh?

She’s Faraway
If you’ve ever been in love with a teacher it’s hard to determine who’s being taught what and when. This is another case of a long distance love affair with intense heartache. Not sure if the lesson is learned. Guess that’s up to the listener. One of the band’s favorite songs to play. I’ve heard it called reminiscent of R.E.M. but it was not written with that group in mind.

I thought my new album was finished until this ditty popped up in my head on the way to Wal-Mart early one morning. It magically appeared as I was listening to a female bluegrass artist on KOPN (89.5 FM/COMO). I wanted to avoid the moment but when I reached my destination I jotted down the initial thoughts on a scrap of envelope. It’s essentially an apology to God (G, G-man) for coming up short in so many ways, and a review of my life, which like most, has had its ups and downs (including being diagnosed with a severe liver disease on Christmas Eve 2015.). “A Conversation and Confession with God on the Way to Wal-Mart” could’ve been the title, but the one word “Survivor” designation seemed appropriate.

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