Electric Women

Electric Women - Child Support - Alone On An Island - Rock ‘n Roll With You - Shock Treatment - Excessive Pachyderm - Blackjack Lieutenant (Live) - Entering The Black Hole


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In November of 1979 Banastre Tarleton Band released their first album “Electric Women.” It was originally going to be called “Child Support” but that title was thought to be too controversial so the LP was named after the classically-styled rock song that was one of the group’s most popular live tunes. An E.P. of “Electric Women” had been released as a Special Collector’s Edition in 1979 by the band’s manager, Midnight B. Dolan and sold out in a matter of weeks. The album contained material from several different sessions. The band’s first single “Rock ‘n Roll With You” and “Shock Treatment” was recorded in January 1976; “Blackjack Lieutenant” came from a 1977 live performance in Hollywood; the original tracks for “Electric Women” and “Alone On An Island” were cut at Technisonics Studio in St. Louis, MO in 1978 and additional guitar tracks were added by Michael Dukes in April 1979 when the band recorded “Child Support,” “Excessive Pachyderm,” and “Entering The Black Hole.” There were musicians from three different BTB lineups on the record. Guitarists Joe Whitaker and Kris Webber and bassist Mark Schweighoeffer played on “Rock ‘n Roll With You” and “Shock Treatment’ along with Fil DiMaggio on drums and Banastre Tarleton on keyboards and lead vocals; “Electric Women” and “Alone On An Island” were recorded in several sessions and included Roger Partin, Dave Bandy, and Michael Dukes on guitar, Mark Brinkerhoff on bass, drummer DiMaggio, and Banastre doing his thing on keys and vocals; Tarleton and DiMaggio recorded “Blackjack Lieutenant” in Hollywood with former Triphammer guitarist Dennis Kroh and his band, THRUST, which included bassist Chico Padilla, 2nd lead guitarist Pearl Harbor, and back up vocalist Dimund; “Child Support,” was performed by DiMaggio, Tarleton, Dukes, Brinkerhoff and Bandy; Tarleton is the only musician on the synth and theramin instrumental “Excessive Pachyderm,” and “Entering the Black Hole” is a drum solo by DiMaggio. The title track received extensive airplay on Midwest college radio stations and created a buzz for Banastre Tarleton Band that helped launch a recording career that continues to this day.

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