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BT Trivia

Banastre Tarleton is half Australian (and half crazy!).
BT’s first band was called The Koxmen.
Banastre Tarleton turned down a tryout with the Pittsburgh Pirates in order  to pursue a music career.
The mind-altering feedback guitar on “Ultra Rat” is played by Screamin’ Randy Beeman.
BT’s legal name is Banastre Denis Keith Green Tarleton.
Banastre's favorite band is The Kinks.

Banastre Tarleton is the lead singer and keyboardist of the legendary Banastre Tarleton Band. He is also a member of the acoustic guitar duo, Oatmeal for the Foxhounds, and his music therapy project, All You Need Is Love performs for children’s hospitals, retirement centers, and women’s shelters on a regular basis.  A long-time icon of the Midwest music scene, Banastre has released over 22 albums and is one of rock n’ roll’s most dedicated and influential musicians.

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