Attack Iraq  -  Don't Call Me Denis  -  She's My Favorite Girl  -  I'm Going Under
(We Got To) Invade Grenada  -  Mary Jane  -  Rockin' With America  -  Walking Amongst The Ashes
Redwings  -  The Enchantress  -  Debbie Wylde  -  I'm Wired  -  Send Me An Invitation
Hindenburg  - 
Cruisin'  -  Bahama Mama Drama  -  Good As Gold  -  Eye For An Eye
Sweet Virgin Blues  -  Electric Women  - 
Rock 'n  Roll With You


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Huzzah! Greatest Hits:

This album is the ultimate feast for BTB connoisseurs. Not only does it contain all their top hits (delectable delights like the band’s first hit, “Electric Women” and the controversial download smash “Attack Iraq”), but an incredible 63-page photo and memorabilia-filled booklet that tells the entire story of the band from 1975 through 2007. BTB has been able to maintain an ever-evolving cutting edge through three decades of existence. Rock ‘n roll narratives from famous and well-known bands (ie: our heroes who refuse to step aside and let others have a small piece of the action) are predictable, expected, and plentiful, but this is a true collectable for Indie aficionados.

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