No Fixed Destination

She’s A Wicked - Cruisin’ - Pains Of Love - I’m Wired - She Left Today - Breakin’ The Ice - My New Infatuation - She’s A Wicked


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“No Fixed Destination” is Banastre Tarleton Band’s definitive 80’s pop album.  The lineup that recorded it had considerable playing time together and was firing on all cylinders when they entered Bob Pruitt’s Land Recording Studio in January 1984.  In addition to Banastre Tarleton on keyboards and lead vocals, the band included long-time drummer Fil DiMaggio and bassist Mark Brinkerhoff.  The guitar section consisted of Gary Puff on rhythm guitar and Terry “Lightning” Littrell on lead guitar.  Littrell’s solos were well-constructed and made a significant contribution to each of the songs.  The LP took nearly two years to complete because of the band’s touring commitments and a surprise “time-out” to record the single “We Got To Invade Grenada .”  The album was finally released in December 1985.  Almost all of the tracks were radio-friendly singles with catchy hooks.  Several of the songs (“My New Infatuation,” “I’m Wired,” and “Cruisin”) received extensive airplay and album sales at live shows surpassed those of “Electric Women.”  “No Fixed Destination” was re-issued on CD by Green Horse Records in 1999.

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