(WE Got To)
Invade Grenada



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The Banastre Tarleton Band was working on their second full-length LP, “No Fixed Destination,” when BT decided to put it on hold to record a single about the U.S. Invasion of Grenada.  Because it was such a topical event there was an urgency to get it finished and released before the fireworks were over.  But this was a quick war and when the single was released in May of 1984, most of the action had ended.  The song still managed to get some attention from media sources like “Rock & Roll Confidential”, an insider magazine in the record industry, which stated “We Got To Invade Grenada, Banastre Tarleton Band – The back cover of the July 14 Billboard depicts Sammy Hagar as a paratrooper landing in front of the White House as a promotion for is new album, VOA.  BTB’s tongue-in-cheek rocker is the perfect antidote.”  That prompted a request from Atlantic Records in Los Angeles to send a copy of the record to their offices for review.  In addition, a letter arrived from President Reagan thanking the band for his copy that had been sent out with the first mailings.  Although the song’s subject matter was obviously time sensitive, the record was well received and opened some eyes and doors for the band in its quest for immortality in the Rock & Roll World.

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