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Tally Ho

(Green Horse Records 05)

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Musicianship � 9 out of 10
What can I say?  The guitar pickin� on this disc is GREAT!  From the first strum to end of the (too short) CD, I had great fun listening to these two guys play.  Both Banastre & David McGowan�s perfect complimentary guitar playing and fun vocals are a treat the ears!  I loved the stripped down guitar playing which seemed DEAD ON to me and interesting!  If this is how these guys sound when they tour, no wonder their �All You Need Is Love� tour is such a great asset for those who are ill to hear!  There is a scripture that says that �a merry heart doeth good like a medicine� and their music definitely makes you happy�and it does make you feel good!

What I also liked about the disc was that there weren�t a lot of other instruments to distract from the raw acoustic feel.  Banastre�s voice is edgy�so you don�t get bored listening at all.

Songwriting - 10 out of 10

Here is where I really got a kick out of this duo.  The interesting sound of the guitars together, the campy & fun lyrics�the way they created their own unique style that isn�t like any other thing I have heard by Banastre on other projects.  You can tell on this arrangement collaboration that Tarleton and McGowan have played together for a long time.  Excellent.

Sound Quality/Professionalism - 10 out of 10

The sound quality on this disc is also excellent.  After hearing that they were going for that �old AM radio sound� I was excited to hear it.  (I was a huge Chicago WLS fan back in the 70s when they played rock!) HOWEVER, I have to say, they didn�t quite accomplish their goal on the songs, other than one little blurb before (Centerville, IA. USA). The quality on this disc (and their sound) is still much too clear and good to sound like old AM radio!  Hmmm�maybe old FM?  Very professional disc.

Packaging - 8 out of 10

The packaging was okay.  I loved the artwork.  I liked the definition of Tally Ho in the sleeve.  The only thing that was lacking for me was the lyrics!  Why weren�t they included? (Sorry, but it is a pet peeve of mine!)  Not that I couldn�t understand the lyrics�that was easy.  (I Got You All Over Me) made me blush�and laugh�but, it sometimes is good to see it all penned out, too.

Favorite Tracks
Ain�t Been My Day
I Got You All Over Me
We Love You

Overall Rating � 9.5+++ out of 10

When I first heard Tally Ho I was sitting at my desk and I wasn�t sure what I was getting ready to listen to.  I have heard some of Banastre Tarleton�s other discs and although I liked them, they weren�t my favorite style of music and I was prepared to dismiss this disc as just a throw back to 80s rock of some sort.  I know, one should NEVER dismiss something without hearing it first�nor should anyone base their music preferences on what others say�that�s right, reviewers may steer you in the wrong direction!  ALWAYS listen for yourself!  Anyway, after the first strum I was HOOKED on this disc.  

This disc is great fun.  Banastre and David must truly enjoy performing together because you can hear it on this disc�like a marriage of talent�complimentary, give and take and when it is done right, it can last a lifetime.  Let�s hope Oatmeal for the Foxhounds have years and years of creative fun together so they can share that joy with the rest of us!�Jen Lush,, 6/5/05


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