Alive In A Comatose State

Over And Over - The Crystal Freight Train Man - No More Wrecks - Marching To The Sounds Barrier -
Carpenter Street Blues - Oh No - The Guiding Light - Cold Stone Lover - Baby, I'll Pump Ya All Night Long - Shock Treatment - Comin' Down - Storybook - Caught In The Bag


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Alive In A Comatose State was recorded in February of 1970 at The School of The Osage in Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks. The concert was performed by Triphammer’s original lineup, which included James Smith-Patrick on guitar and backing vocals, drummer Tom Caldwell, and Banastre Tarleton singing lead vocals and playing organ and keyboard bass.  Formed in Columbia, Missouri in the fall of 1969, the band took the British Invasion and California Flower Power music scene to a much more experimental and progressive level than did their mop-top Anglo cousins and American surfer protégés. Triphammer was loud, brash, extremely heavy, and very colorful.  When they stepped on stage, the boys and their gear were often decked out in the Stars & Stripes and they had a fondness for delivering their anti-establishment message at decibels that were downright dangerous.  There was nothing else like them in the Midwest at the time.  “Alive In A Comatose State” captures Triphammer’s revolutionary spirit and innovative, intense brand of late 60’s/early 70’s hard rock. 

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