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          BTB’s follow-up to their first LP, “Electric Women,” was intended to be a full-length live album of a performance scheduled for March 1, 1980 at one of the group's favorite clubs, The Gladstone in Columbia , Missouri.  Things didn’t go exactly as planned. On the night before the show a severe snowstorm hit the area and the turnout for the event was small.  Even part of the road crew were unable to make it to the gig, and to make a bad situation even worse, BT was sick with the flu and could barely speak, much less sing. In spite of these drawbacks four songs were salvaged from the recording, and after overdubbing the vocals, were released early in 1981 as an E.P. titled" Good As Gold."  The record contained some of Banastre’s best power pop tunes - "Good As Gold," " Skipping School," "She's A-Wicked,” and "Mary Jane." All four tracks received Midwest airplay and several of the songs were covered by other up-and-coming new wave bands.  The record helped solidify Banastre Tarleton as one of the more significant and influential songwriters of the 80's alternative/new wave generation.

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