Tally Ho

Ain't Been My Day - Girls - I Got You All Over Me - Centerville, IA. USA - We Love You  


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After putting out two live CDs, Oatmeal for the Foxhounds finally released a studio album titled “Tally Ho” on the Green Horse Records label in March 2005.  The tracks are all originals composed by Banastre Tarleton with fellow foxhound Dave McGowan lending a hand with the arrangements.  The CD covers a wide range of tastes from the Foxhounds musical cookbook – starting with the raw blues of “Aint Been My Day” and the delicious Caribbean-styled groover “Girls,” the album charges ahead by way of the upbeat British skiffle rocker “I Got You All Over Me” and after adding a small dose of Americana bluegrass pop with “ Centerville , IA. USA ” dessert is served and the trip ends with a seventies psychedelic anthem called “We Love You.”  The album was produced by Banastre Tarleton and co-produced by Maple Room engineers Randy Beeman and Joe Rutledge and BT’s better half, Molly Malone Tarleton.  Interesting graphics note:  the cover artwork is by a fourteenth century artist named Gascon Phoebus who did an entire book of hunting illustrations for Philip The Bold, duke of Burgundy .

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