Pyrrhic Victories

Shock Treatment - Child Support - Mary Jane - Love Her Right - I'm Wired - Pains of Love - She's a Wicked - Breakin' the Ice - My New Infatuation - Leaving Love Behind - Sweet Virgin Blues - Electric Women - Where You At? - Hindenburg - Killer Bee - She's Faraway - Debbie Wylde - Eye For an Eye -   Don't Call Me Denis


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“Pyrrhic Victories” is BTB’s second compilation CD and contains material from the “Electric Women,” “No Fixed Destination,” and “Ultra Rat albums that weren’t included in the first compilation, “The Crown Jewels” – released in 1995.  The disc also has tracks from the CD’s “Triple Play” and “Feast Or Famine” that were recorded after 1995 and  the clever pop rocker “Don’t Call Me Denis”, recorded in July 2000.  An extra added attraction comes in the form of four live cuts (“My New Infatuation,” “Leaving Love Behind,” “Sweet Virgin Blues,” and “Electric Women”) recorded at a concert with the Rascals in February 1988 and features the solid guitar work of Dave McGowan; an extremely tight rhythm section comprised of bassist Mark Brinkerhoff and drummer Danny Thomas; Gary Luebbert’s underrated rhythm guitar and back up vocals; and, of course, the man himself on keyboards and lead vocals.  Columbia icon, Pete Szkolka, sat in with the band that night and added some very tasty keyboard licks.  “Pyrrhic Victories” was released in December 2001.

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