The Crown Jewels

Empty Promises - She’s My Favorite Girl - Send Me An Invitation - Cruisin’ - Rockin’ With America - This Song Is For You - Electric Women - I Don’t Know You Anymore - Attack Iraq, Pt.2 - The Enchantress - She Left Today - Good As Gold - Alone On An Island - You Never Did - Rock ‘n Roll With You - (We Got To) Invade Grenada - Ultra Rat - Redwings


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The Crown Jewels is a collection of BTB's singles and album title cuts from 1976  through 1995. The album features their first single, "Rock 'n' Roll With You," Midwest college radio hit "Electric Women," Billboard Top 40 smash "She's My Favorite Girl," fan favorite "Redwings" and their controversial pseudo-militaristic hard rocker, "Attack Iraq."  The compilation was first released in 1995 and then re-issued in 2002 with different graphics on the back.  

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