The Early Years

Waterloo - He's A Whore - I'm Still Here - Hurtin' From Love - Sleepless Nights - Muzak - Cavalcade of Carrion - Skipping School - Mary Jane - Here Comes The Fire - Dead Ringer - Satanic Night Disturbance - Petrified Messengers - Falling Down - I Just Wanna Love You - The Rock 'n Roller - Love Ya Too Much - I Don't Know You Anymore - Send Me An Invitation - I'm Wired - Attack Iraq, Part 1 - One Of The Boys - Alone On An Island - Blackjack Lieutenant - Gingerbread Men - I Feel Like Dying - Excessive Pachyderm - Entering The Black Hole - I Just Wanna Love You (alternate version) - Dead Ringer (alternate version)


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“The Early Years” is a two-CD collection of songs from Banastre Tarleton Band’s formative years, 1977-81.  The tracks are all from live performances except for three cuts (“Blackjack Lieutenant,”  “Excessive Pachyderm,” and “Entering The Black Hole”) from the “Electric Women” LP that weren’t included in the first two compilations and “The Rock ‘n Roller,” recorded at the Massage Parlor Studio in Chicago.  “Satanic Night Disturbance” and “Petrified Messengers” were recorded at a home studio in Columbia , Missouri with former Triphammer guitarist Dennis Kroh.  The cover photo is the 8 X 10 promo picture BTB used while based out of Chicago and is one of their most famous shots.  The album was released in September 2004.

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