Triphammer: Retrospective

The World Is An Igloo - An Evil Revival - Nervous Breakdown - Menthol Frog - The Guiding Light - Sweet Virgin Blues - We Are The Graveyard Children - Panzer President - Crankcase - C'mon Take Off With Me - Painted Woman - Storybook - Standing In The Sand - Marching To The Sound Barrier - Kroh's Guitar Solo - Blitzwoman - Sweet Virgin Blues (alternate version) - Dead Ringer - Take It Easy - Down In The Junkyard - Post Mortem Mayhem


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Triphammer's "Retrospective" CD was a long time in the making.  The band was together in several different forms from 1970-1975 and considered one of the top hard rock groups in the Midwest during its existence.  Triphammer had several singles and attempts at LPs but none were ever officially released.  In fact, the tapes to their first full length LP were stolen by the producer in an argument with the studio owners before it could be released.  They  received airplay with "Menthol Frog," "C'mon Take Off With Me," and "Panzer President" and their live shows were legendary.  Triphammer wore face make-up and outlandish costumes before the arrival of KISS.  "Retrospective" was the result of former members Dennis Kroh and Banastre Tarleton collecting and organizing  recordings from the group's past and digitally re-mastering them.  A noteworthy highlight to the album is "C'mon Take Off With Me" which was recorded in April 2003 by Kroh, Tarleton, and drummer Jim Whelan at a special 30 year reunion session. This is a double CD - Disc One is studio cuts and Disc Two is live.  The album was released by Green Horse Records in March 2004.

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